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University College London

Prof Matthew Wing (Spokesperson)
Dr Simon Jolly
Dr David Cooke
​Fern Parnell

Dr Peter Sherwood

Imperial College London

Prof Zulfikar Najmudin
Lewis Kennedy

Lancaster University

Dr Robert J Apsimon
Dr Amos C Dexter

Joshua Gregory

University of Liverpool

Prof Carsten P Welsch (Scientific Project Manager)
Dr Ricardo Torres (Admin Project Manager)
Dr Joe Wolfenden
Dr Debdeep Ghosal
Catherine Swain
Angus Jones

University of Manchester

Dr Guoxing Xia
​​Dr Oznur Apsimon
Dr Hossein Saberi
​Can Davut

Linbo Liang
Jack McGunigal

University of Oxford

Prof Phil N Burrows
Prof Peter A Norreys

Dr Vittorio Bencini
Dr Marko von der Leyen
Collette Pakuza
​Bethany Spear
​Abigail James

University of Strathclyde

Prof Paul McKenna
Prof Bernhard Hidding
Prof Zheng-Ming Sheng (+)
Leanore Ferrans
Dr Andrew Sutherland

Dr Thomas Wilson

(*) Currently at University of Düsseldorf
(+) Currently at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

”AWAKE opens up pathways for an entirely new technique for particle beam acceleration which can enable new types of experiments and applications.”

Prof Carsten P. Welsch

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